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10 Monthly wine tastings

On the last Thursday of every month from January to October, we have a wine tasting and food pairing event. We invite Ontario agents who have international wines, many of which are not available at the LCBO, as well as local wineries to introduce us to and showcase their wines. We start with a sparkling wine and an amuse-bouche, followed by a flight of white wines, then a flight of red wines. Each wine is paired with food that reflects the country of origin, flavour profile of the wine and/or a contrasting, often surprising aspect of the wine.

Each evening is unique, informative and provides an opportunity to taste wines and of course order them directly from the agent and/or winery. All 10 tastings are included in the annual membership fee. You must register for each tasting to reserve your spot.

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January 30 - Thomas Bachelder        Register

February 27 - Mondo Vino                  Register


Each year we have a summer BBQ at different locations throughout the city. Members have typically offered their beautiful homes, whether they be on the waterfront, a rooftop of a downtown condo or a large beautifully landscaped backyard. Our members are generous, the food plentiful, and wine, beer and cider tickets are included. It’s an opportunity to talk to fellow members in a more informal outdoor setting but with the same high standard of food and wine provided.

February 9 - South African Braai              email Teresa

June 20 - Summer Solstice                       Register

July 19 - Chef & Somm BBQ                     Register

Christmas party

Every year in November we have a Gala Christmas Party catered by Chef Maggie of Indulgent Chef. We have celebrated European foods and wines, In 2018 it was Christmas Down Under with traditional Aussie foods and wines. Check out the Gallery for pictures of the event. Last year we celebrated in South American tradition.

Members-only master class

Once a year, we also have our members-only master class. Previously, we've had master classes for sparkling wine that included Champagne, Cava, Cremant, Prosecco and Ontario sparkling wines and Port wine that included samples of white, ruby, tawny LBV and vintage ports. Members learned about the different styles of sparkling and port wine including taste profiles, production methods and grapes.  Included were a variety of foods that showed the robustness of sparkling wine with food, and the following year, recipes developed by Canadian Chefs specifically for Taylor Fladgate’s ports.  This year we are very please to have Thomas Bachelder, Niagara's own pioneering "Monk",  join us to talk about Terroir.  Since he's made Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Burgundy, Oregon, Chile and Niagara, he is sure to enlighten us.

Members-only Master Class                  April 30, 2020

Special tastings and events

In addition to the regular monthly tasting, we periodically have special tastings of wine or spirits, theme evenings, promotional events and winemakers’ dinners. We also receive invitations from our partners to industry events and special events. Many of these tastings and events have very limited seating. Check our website on a regular basis for upcoming special events.

January 25 - Island Food & Wine Pairing     Register

June 3-5 - Wine Women & Wellness    email: Teresa

August 15 - Under the Tuscan Sun - Charity Register


Wine Wanderings

Visits to wineries to see where the grapes are actually grown and talk to the people who grow the grapes and make the wines enhances our knowledge and gives us some insight into what the vineyard manager and winemakers are up to. Naturally, we taste many different wines at multiple wineries and stop for some great food as well. We’ve been to Prince Edward County and are heading out to the Niagara Peninsula again this year as well as an emerging area - Holland Marsh.  We also have plans to visit Lake Erie North Shore and perhaps even Nova Scotia over the next couple of years.

June 12 - 14 - Prince Edward County - coming soon

International trips

Burlington Wine Club is pleased to offer tours to wine-producing countries around the world. These memorable experiences focus on the vineyards and people who supply the wines that we have all come to love, and allows members the opportunity to experience the culture and scenery at a leisurely pace.




We're excited to bring back Vineland Estates
best known for Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc and its signature Meritage. Register >>



Celebrate Halloween with BWC. Majestic Fine Wines will bring an assortment of Italian wines in the true Venetian spirit.
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South American Christmas, including terrific wines from Chile and Argentina, and Chef Maggie delighting us with tasty appetizers.